Big Application Essay Ideas to Avoid

When you hear about writing a statement of purpose, the first thing that probably comes to yor mind is big and great ideas. However, there are seemingly great ideas that can be the cause of your essays downfall. CEO shares some of them.

Although you have to reveal yourself through your essay, you have to be careful not to reveal too much. The admissions committee doesnt want to pry on personal details that are not related to your application. Another thing that you have to do is to limit the level of informality of your essay. You always have to remember that your readers hold high positions in the academe.

Your personal statement should focus on you, your qualifications and strengths. But please, dont patronize yourself too much. You will sound boastful and arrogant. If you want to include your accomplishments and talents, there are creative ways to prevent you from sounding like a braggart.

Your statement of purpose should be balanced. It is alright if you incorporate great ideas, but make sure that you do it in a way that would not affect the quality of your essay.

Don’t let your limited English speaking skills get in the way of writing great personal statements

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Things to Decide Upon when Writing a Statement of Purpose
The planning and the actual writing of the personal statement are full of decision-making.

How to Add a Touch of Humor in Your Essay
There is always enough room for both humor and wit in a student?s personal statement. Adding a touch of humor here and there might just help you come up with an effective personal statement that would earn you the admissions ticket.

Three step Process in Writing Your College Application Essay
Writing an admission essay can be very challenging, knowing that this can give your application a boost. In the course of panic, you might lose your way in the writing process. Dont know where to start? Here are some tips.

Improving Your College Application Essay
Have you written a draft of your college application essay? Do you think it is already near perfection? Read it again and you will see that theres always room for improvement.

College Essay Samples: Giving Your Drafts Time to Develop
Once you already know what you want to write about in your personal statement, immediately make a draft after brainstorming to pour out all your ideas and concepts on the chosen topic. Allow some time for your draft to develop by backing up the main topic of your essay with details and supporting them